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ALR Riders Post 172

The American Legion Riders (ALR) are members of the American Legion, the American Legion Auxillary, or the Sons of the American Legion that share a compassion for motorcyle riding.

Our purpose is to socially interact as a group to support American Legion ideals with specific interest in our military veterans.  We participate with our Legion Family in their endeavors as well as hosting our own fund raisers. The group also promotes the American Legion by participating in parades and supporting community interests.

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You see it here first folks!

Lots of news. The minutes from the September 13, 2016 are now posted in the Current News section.

Next ALR meeting is scheduled for October 11, 2016.

Future Events:

9/16/16      POW/MIA Recognition Day.  Greenfield Central Park at 5:30.

9/17/16      Michael BACA ride.  See Dennis M for details.

9/18/16     Osseo-Maple Grove ALR omelet breakfast for Children and Youth.  Donations for homeless students.

9/24/16   Julie A wedding 3:00 in Osseo Central Park.  Motorcycle escort to Legion reception.  KSU 1:30.

9/25/16  Ride to Disabled Veterans Camp on Big Marie Lake.  KSU at 10:00.

10/2/16   2nd Annual Osseo-Maple Grove ALR appreciation picnic. Thorsen Park, noon.

10/17/16  Osseo-Maple Grove ALR omelet breakfast.  Donations for CRRC homeless veterans.

10/28/16   Osseo-Maple Grove ALR to prepare and serve lunch to veterans at CRRC.


Please refer to the Agenda and Upcoming Events page for additional information about scheduled rides and ALR events.

ALR 172 Notes: ALR Director

ALR director will ride in all conditions.

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